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Lay Now, Pay Later!

You Just Can't Wait!

Want new flooring now, but don’t have the funds just hanging around? Luckily for you, we’re able to offer a Lay Now, Pay Later option, thanks to our partner brand, Kudo Homes®, which specialises in ‘Renovate Now, Pay Later’ for those wishing to, well, renovate now, and pay later.

That means that you can have your flooring laid today, and pay later, via these options:

  • If you’re not selling, you can have your flooring laid now and start enjoying it, while you pay for it later, with Humm®. This is for flooring up to $15,000;
  • If you are selling, you can still choose to use Humm® for flooring up to $15,000. If your flooring exceeds this amount, you can have your flooring laid now, and not pay a cent until after the property is sold, using the funds that you get from the sale of the property. You can also opt to have other things done (ie: painting) as part of this option, if desired. 

So get floored today & pay later by calling 1800 882 442.