The Carpet Spot

Carpet Clean

The following table lists some common types of stains and steps recommended to remove stains in your carpet. Use each cleaning method in the sequence listed and follow the spot cleaning procedure.


  1. Clean warm water
  2. fabric detergent = solution of a 1 teaspoon (5ml) of approved wool detergent with 1 teaspoon of white vinegar and a 1 litre of warm water.
  3. Clean cold water
  4. Chewing gum remover (freezing agent)
  5. Carpet shampoo solution
  6. Dry cleaning fluid. caution: ensure that no flame
    or lighted cigarette is near, and use in well ventilated area.
  7. Consult specialist
  8. Nail polish remover – should not include lanolin or be
    of a greasy nature
  9. Turpentine
  10. White spirit
  11. Absorbent paper and hot iron
  12. Brown paper and warm iron
  13. Detergent = 1teaspoon clear dishwashing detergent with 1 cup warm water
  14. Undiluted white vineger
  15. Ammonia – Undiluted household ammonia, foaming type
    containing detergent
  16. Freeze with ice cube, shatter with blunt object
    and vacuum clean
  17. Solution = water and non-bleach mild detergent
  18. Methylated spirits, Caution: ensure that no flame or iighted cigarette is near, and use in well ventilated area
  19. Baking soda, scrape and vacuum
  20. Absorbent powder (salt), sprinkle on spillage, leave
    overnight and vacuum next day.
  21. Dry stripper, dilute 50 to 1 with cold water,
    Caution: Do not use on dark or patterned carpet

Carpet cleaning: Professional services

For difficult stains, or for expert assistance, we suggest you contact a professional carpet